Genevieve (juniper_j) wrote in michfestival,

quick thoughts on trance

I have been thinking about the objectification of women in the trace/house/party/rave scene a lot and don't have many trace loving sisters in my life to dialogue with.

While I am a big supporter of womyns music such as folk, I am a long timer lover of trance and I've always wondered if any michigan folks are interested in speaking more about the patriarchal world of trance and house music.

It's interesting to see how the scene is a perfect example of the capitalist patriarchy. Women are not only sexually objectified, but the are totally disregarded for their talents as singers by not being recognized in songs when their voices are sampled, and when they have a difficult time learning how to spin and becoming resident djs at parties.

If you too are interested in this topic, post a comment and maybe it'll motivate me to start a feminist trance lovers community. I think this work is so important, and it's only starting to be picked up in the academy. I know of one professor that is planning on doing work with female djs but I haven't heard of much else. Have you?
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Hey J,
I know of a Canadian female dj who has her PhD in women's studies. I could probably connect the two of you, if you're interested.
- C
hello c,

hope you are well at this busy time of year. has this gal done any academic work specific to dj culture, if so, that's the first i have heard and very exciting stuff!

I'm not sure. She used to moderate the Par-L list serve at UNB.